Do you ever find yourself choosing between your exercise and other daily tasks that need to get done—like cleaning? Maybe you really want to make it to your favorite gym to get in a workout, but you just don’t feel like you have the time. There’s so much to be done, exercise will have to be put on the back burner, you think. But what if you could exercise and clean at the same time? That’s what this 29-minute workout routine is here to help you do!

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You know you want to

We’re not here to tell you why you should exercise. Let’s say you’re already convinced but sometimes life just seems to get in the way. And somehow exercise has been demoted from something you do regularly to something you can barely squeeze in. For those of you who already know the why behind exercising, here’s what we hope will be a how. A way to squeeze in a little more while also knocking out some of your other to-dos.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect this routine to have the same impact as 30-minutes of working out at the gym. But, then again, spending 30 minutes in the gym doesn’t usually help you have a cleaner house, does it? So, there’s an advantage in addition to the drawback.

8 minutes – Get your arms in on the action

Get started on your workout/cleaning routine with washing your windows. Your first step is to grab your window cleaning liquid and your paper towels (or a clean tea towel, even). Next, set a 5-minute timer. Now, speed clean as many windows as you possibly can in these five minutes.

If your arms start to get tired, that’s fantastic. Remind yourself it’s only 5 minutes (and after all, if you were at the gym, tired arms would be a good thing, right?). When your five minutes is up, stop. We know you want to keep going, but that’s all the window cleaning for today. Other windows need to wait until next time.

Now for the best part, keep a couple of small handheld weights in the same place you keep your window cleaner. Once you’ve finished your 5 minutes of window washing, take 3 extra minutes for bicep curls with your weights.

Clean windows with white curtains

8 minutes – Let’s work the legs

Ever felt that vacuuming is awkward? If someone happens to be watching you vacuum, you might feel a little like you’re all thumbs. Maybe you normally take the vacuuming process for granted but suddenly you’re wondering if you should be using mostly arm motions or walking back and forth. Am I supposed to bend at the waist or stand straight?

Regardless of the exact movements used to clean your carpets, today let’s tap into the motions of vacuuming for their exercise potential. (Just be sure no one is watching.)

Sneak some lunges into your vacuuming job. At first, you can try lunges while vacuuming (especially if you have a long stretch of carpet). But if you’re finding that’s too complicated simply vacuum for 5 minutes then tack on 3 minutes of lunges on the carpet you just cleaned before you even wind up the appliance’s cord.

And those 5 minutes of vacuuming—well, you don’t get off the hook there. Not going to do lunges in them? Then, take back the action for your arms. Focus on the pushing and pulling motions with your arm and be sure to switch from left to right so both arms get their chance.

8 minutes – Action for your abs

Do you have to clean out under something? Maybe the floor underneath the couch, the refrigerator, or the bed is just begging for attention. Well, the job already has you down on the floor, so turn that to great use. Put this time of capturing under-bed dust bunnies to work.

Again, set your timer to go off after you’ve worked for 5 minutes. Then, hook your toes under a nearby object like a dresser or couch and pound out as many sit-ups as you can. You only have 3 extra minutes, so make them count!

5 minutes – Get cracking with cardio

And here’s your task to finish out your workout routine with some cardio. Re-set your timer for 5 minutes. Now get to work dusting while simultaneously doing a high knee exercise. Not only will this provide exercise and cleaning, but it might just provide a good laugh, too. And if it’s proving too complicated to do them both at once, alternate between the exercise and dusting nearby surfaces.

Feather duster and cleaning supplies

Bonus exercise – 10 minutes

For those of you who can’t stop with the above, it’s time for one more cleaning task before you call it quits. Grab some hot soapy water and scrub your floor for 10 minutes. Yes, the old-fashioned way—down on your hands and knees. Really put some elbow grease into it!

Keep the exercise ball rolling

On top of these ideas, do some brainstorming to discover how you can amplify other cleaning routines to double as workouts. Maybe you could do squats while decluttering. For instance, if you have a moderately heavy item you need to put back place, do a few squats while you’re at it. Or stand on your toes while washing the dishes—feel your calf muscles burn.