Have you had a chance to visit the historic places around Kansas City?

Kansas City is a place rich in history, and according to 2017 population numbers, is the 37th most populated city in the nation. It and the surrounding areas hug the Kansas and Missouri state line.

In 1850, it was incorporated as the town of Kansas — in 1853, it was incorporated as the City of Kansas. (Its history goes back even further in time but that’s beyond the scope of this article.) The city is named after the Kansas River.

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There are some great buildings worth your time. We have a list of five, but there are certainly more! But before we do that, we thought it would be interesting to explore what goes into the cleaning upkeep of a historical building!

Cleaning historic places

At the Whole Building Design Guide (a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences,) you’ll find instructions for suggested maintenance of historic structures.

While much of the materials used in the construction of historic buildings can be found in building today, there is often a difference in care. This is because of the manner and nature of producing the material. Wood back then, for example, was treated differently, requiring a special type of care. You don’t want to compromise or give way to premature decay due to improper maintenance.

If you have antiques or reside in a historic home, proper cleaning is essential. Professional cleaners can help you learn more about the specific care your belongings require.

5 historic places around Kansas City

In the subsequent paragraphs, you’ll find some neat places to explore around Kansas City. This list is far from exhaustive but we hope it’ll get you started on your micro-adventures. Exploration doesn’t have to mean going across the country or world. Your “backyard” carries an ample supply of cool places to see with its own rich history.

1 – Union Station

Incredible. Beautiful. Those are some of the words people have used to describe the historical and restored Union Station. Once a thriving and bustling train station, it continues to hear the voices of visitors in the form of tourists. Union Station is home to touristic attractions such as a planetarium, theater, museum, and other fascinating exhibits.

Regardless of age, there is something for everyone in the family. There is also a Union Station app to further enrich your experience during your visit to the historical place.

Brimming with history and photo opportunities, Union Station is a fascinating experience.

Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio

At Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio, you’ll discover the life of Thomas Benton. Benton was a renown artist and writer. His paintings and sculptings are on display in his art studio. Paint cans and canvas can be seen around his studio, much like it would have been back in the day.

One reviewer on Trip Advisor described the visit to Benton’s home and studio as “a true step back in history.” And with a knowledgable tour guide, you are sure to enjoy the time travel experience.

Kelly’s Westport Inn

Kelly’s Westport Inn is an Irish pub that features live music, worthy drinks, and food. It boasts in being one of the oldest buildings in the area! It’s historical architecture and style are sure to please as you stand outside the inn and walk through the doors.

Trip Advisor reviews are quick to point out the pizza, beer, and friendly staff of the family-owned bar.

Cave Spring Interpretive Center

Within the Cave Spring Interpretive Center, you’ll connect with nature as this 36-acre historical highlights its beauty. The center’s exhibits and surrounding hiking trails are sure to please the outdoor enthusiast.

A butterfly garden and small cave are some of the highlights at the center’s property.

Cathedral of Saint Peter

For a breath-taking look at architecture, the Cathedral of Saint Peter is sure to deliver. The stained glass art and high ceilings with ornate trimmings will sweep up your soul. Whether you’re an architecture geek or looking to see something beautiful, this is a worthy stop in the Kansas City area.

Your favorite historic places don’t clean themselves

If you enjoyed this article, you may wish to check out these five famous places around the globe. You may learn a thing or two about how much the royal budget spends on a housekeeper — the person who oversees palace cleanliness.

These historic places don’t clean themselves, that’s certain. There’s a crew of people who keep things clean and maintained for your enjoyment.

Happy adventuring! Enjoy the journey wherever your plans take you. Exploration is good for the soul and it doesn’t have to break the bank.