With National Walking Day here, it’s time to head out the door and begin cultivating some healthy habits. At Enviro-Dry, you know we’re all about going for a healthy lifestyle. We trust you’ll find the following helpful in moving forward with turning a new leaf.

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There’s something invigorating about going out in the fresh air and stretching those muscles.

Exploring Kansas City neighborhoods and walking trails on foot

Whatever you fancy — natural, suburban, or a mix of the two — you’ll find it in this article. We’ll help you explore Kansas City area neighborhoods with walking trails and paths galore. Are you ready to get those legs moving? We are, that is certain. As the weather warms up, it’s prime time to get out there and get moving.

Shawnee Mission Park

Featuring a 120-acre lake, Shawnee Mission Park boasts of vast hiking space, a dog park, playground, and more. There’s fun for the whole family at this place with ample opportunity for a variety of activities.

Swimming, biking, and even equestrian trails keep visitors of various interests busy enough.

Black Hoof Park

While it’s not a neighborhood area, Back Hoof Park gives you a great closeness to nature. There’s plenty of natural scenery to explore and enjoy on foot. Give yourself some time and perhaps you may wish to pack a lunch.

There is something refreshing about stretching your legs. Take the family, invite a friend — make it the most rejuvenating day yet! You’ll be glad you did.

At the center of Black Hoof Park, you’ll find Lake Lenexa. With a fishing license, you can catch yourself some lake fish. Canoeing and kayaking are often enjoyed by visitors.

Canoeing in a lake

The trail itself goes in a loop and is about three miles long.

Suburban walk-in Leawood

This 1.47-mile jaunt in Leawood makes for a nice suburban stroll in the Leawood area. The route takes you over a busy highway and into an all-American neighborhood. If you thirst for a chance to stretch your legs in this busy life amid the everyday hubbub, get to know this residential area. Exploration and exercise come in many shapes and sizes.

151st Street path in Olathe, Missouri

In the 151st Street path, you’ll find a walking trail that takes you through the Olathe area and Overland Park. This walking path connects you to a thriving community throughout.

Along with taking you to neighborhoods, an airport, shopping centers, and schools — the trail connects you to Switzer Road Trail, Blackbob Road Trail, and Indian Creek Trail.

I have ridden this trail a lot. It crosses many streets so you have to be very careful when riding it,” wrote one reviewer of the path. Be sure to exercise caution.

Rock Island Trail in Greenwood, Missouri

The Rock Island Trail goes right past Greenwood, Missouri. While the route as delineated here goes through a wooded area, you’ll be glad to see a populated neighborhood to the left of the trail as you look at it on the map. You may begin your walk past the homes there and make your way through the wooded area. Following this plan will give you a balance of suburban views and wooded scenery.

The 4.42-mile walking route in Raymore, MO neighborhood

Through this 4.42-mile route, you’ll find yourself in one of Raymore’s various neighborhoods. Give yourself a good pace for this one as you make your way through a neighborhood and around the Raymore Recreation Park.

Man walking in neighborhood

The 2.69-mile route in Lee’s Summit, MO neighborhood

This 2.69-mile walking route also brings you through a residential area — but this time you’ll find yourself in Lee’s Summit, MO. You can get a good walk in with about 40 minutes of time carved out.

Keeping momentum as you walk the walk

If you need a boost of inspiration, we hope these walking suggestions for National Walking Day deliver. There’s much to explore in Kansas City — whether we’re talking jaunts around the neighborhood or nature walks through wooded trails.

Consider gifting yourself a fitness tracking wristband to keep up the momentum. It’s encouraging to track progress. Walking isn’t just for National Walking Day. Do it for good body stewardship — if you’re able to move those legs, why not go the extra mile for your health? You’ll be glad you did.

Take it in stride

Walking is good for you, an act that promotes good mental and physical well-being. Don’t overdo it. Take it in stride. With consistency, you’ll build the strength needed to lengthen the amount of time you spend pounding the pavement or gravel.

These walking opportunities are great to add to your staycation plans!