Have you thought of the benefits of taking the kids to work with you? In honor of Take Your Child to Work Day (#countonme), we’re taking a moment to list the benefits of bringing them with you.

And of course, we’re bringing cleaning into the mix. After all, you know how we feel about cleaning! It’s something we’re passionate about and we hope to pass that passion on to your and your child. The world is a better place when we clean — for you, your family, your neighbors, everyone.

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Bringing your kids to work can be an enriching experience for you and your child.

The benefits of taking our kids to work with us (and teaching them how to clean)

So let’s look at the benefits. For those who aren’t too sure about bringing the little guy along, we hope this list encourages you to press forward with this experience.

Your child learns something new

We say something but we really mean some things. That’s right — plural. By taking your child out of his or her everyday environment, you’re enabling them to further explore the world in which they live. And under your supervision at that! There’s no better way to learn when they’re young — with mom or dad walking alongside them. That’s hard to beat.

Learning something new is good for brain development.

An opportunity to see what you love about your job

By bringing your child along you’ll empower them with the opportunity to learn more about your job. They’ll see why you do what you do and the work that you pour your skill into in a close-up manner.

Help your child zero in on what they’re interested in (or not interested in)

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In coming to work with you, your child may realize that your trade doesn’t fit them well. Or they may realize that it’s a perfect fit, falling in love with it in a way that leaves them further determined to chase that career path.

Show them the good habits that make you a success in the workplace

A successful person is aware of his or her surroundings. You can show off your good habits and explain the importance of taking initiative. It’s a key characteristic for a person who’s poised for success.

Teach your child to pick up scraps of paper that fall to the ground, sweep the floor — whatever safe cleaning opportunity that arises in the workplace. It will give him or her a hands-on experience of the importance of awareness. To take initiative, one must be aware of their surroundings.

Give them an opportunity to engage with professionals

Here’s one that’s also invaluable. Give your kids an opportunity to meet your boss, co-workers, and clients. Encourage your child to ask questions of others about the trade and business. For the shy child, you can sit with them over lunch and ask what they’re curious about or found most interesting.

In doing so, you can open up a world of opportunity to your child. Prompt them to share their curiosity with your co-workers at opportune moments.

Additionally, you could invite a friendly co-worker to join you both for lunch. Let your co-worker know that you’d like to use the visit to teach your child about workplace etiquette and the trade you work with. This will help your co-worker help you make the most of the time spent with your child.

You’ll learn something new about your child

By bringing your child into a new atmosphere, you’ll get to have conversations and make observations you otherwise wouldn’t have made. You can learn something new about your kid in the middle of it all — how they deal with new situations, how they interact with and think of the world.

It’s an enriching experience for both parent and child!

Your child will feel special

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There’s no doubt. Something special comes with the thought of being able to accompany mom or dad to work. It’s a special occasion and your child is bound to feel it. Most kids understand that what mom or dad does for a living is pretty important. They’ll be thrilled at the prospect of tagging along for the ride.

There’s no price tag on the experience

That’s right. The experience is priceless for you and your child. It’s something your child will not get from a traditional school situation — it’s something you must go out of your way to provide.

We hope you get to take your child to work with you sometime. And we hope you bring some great memories to the house at the day’s end.

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