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About Enviro-Dry

We are a small family owned and operated business. Offering outstanding and professional services in damage restoration and cleaning. Established in March of 2011, as Enviro-Dry Carpet Cleaning.  We  continue to grow and expand our exciting future in the damage restoration and cleaning business. We are now Enviro-Dry Cleaning and Restoration.  In 2015 we also purchased Eco-Pure Carpet Cleaning, and have been slowly transitioning that business into Enviro-Dry. This year, 2017, we are finalizing the change. We are excited to bring on all our new clientele and anticipate many years of excellence in service to all the former Eco-Pure customers. 

Family Owned and Operated!

Let us introduce you to our family and tell you a little bit about all of us on a personal level. Jason and Tracy will celebrate their fifteen year anniversary in August of 2017. The children Kyler, Megan, Marcus, Silas,  Alathia, Natalie, and Serena all play a valuable role in the business. Primarily, their job is to keep us on our feet and continually going. The older three love to come with their Daddy to work. Silas and Alathia will join the ranks very soon, but they still need to learn a few things! We believe in small business!

Professional Training

In 2011, Jason graduated from Calvary Bible College and received a degree in Organizational Leadership. What you may not know is that our business was the result of that degree! Jason envisioned an opportunity to begin offering carpet cleaning services which would be governed and organized through the education he received at Calvary. Building on the incredible foundation from Calvary, Jason continued to expand and grow his professional credentials. He has literally traveled the country to learn from the best in the industry. From Atlanta Georgia, to Springfield Ohio, Jason has received to date nine professional credentials and certifications. 

Our focus

We exist as a company to offer services of outstanding integrity to our valued clients that, not only meet their needs but exceed all expectations. We strive to understand what our clients need and how we can meet that need through our services, whether it is cleaning or disaster restoration.


enviro dry office staff

As a homeschooling family, our office staff includes those learning the intricacies of accounting and management.

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