Being the thoughtful homeowner you are, of course, it’s natural that you’ve got questions. Carpet care is important.

If left uncared for, you can do your carpet a great disservice. A neglected carpet is money down the drain and that is unfortunate for any homeowner who wishes to be a good steward of their property.

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By neglecting to get your carpets clean, you are missing out on some winning benefits to carpet maintenance. In today’s article, we’re going to help you see the signs that say your carpet needs cleaning. We’ll also take a much-needed look at other frequently asked carpet-related questions.

For example, what sort of services do you need as far as carpet cleaning goes? There are various methods of professional carpet cleaning. What method is ideal and why?

Additionally, what makes a carpet cleaning company an ideal choice? Why is environmentally-friendly an important feature of a cleaning company? All this and more will be covered in the following paragraphs.

When should I get my carpets cleaned?

To answer this question, we’ll break down the answer into two parts. This will give you a better understanding of carpet cleaning. After all, it’s smart to get a clear understanding of what matters and why.

General carpet cleaning

First of all, we need to make something clear. You do not want to wait until your carpet is visibly filthy. If your carpet has gone that far in needing a cleaning, then you’ve waited too long.

Here’s the thing about dirt. It comes in three different forms – oily, dry, and wet. In the category of oily dirt, you’ll find sticky residue like grease or the build up from exhaust fumes. With wet dirt, you’re looking at spills that hit your floor.

And then there’s dry dirt. Dry dirt is responsible for most of the grime you’ll come across in your cleaning procedures. It’s what you should be most concerned about due to its quantity. When it comes to dry dirt, you’ll even find yourself dealing with dirt that is smaller than the size of a period. That’s small!

But don’t be fooled by the tiny size of dry dirt. Dry dirt is what is sure to age your carpet over time. Even though can’t see it, you’ll want to deal with it. This dirt has a grit sandpaper effect as it’s moved across your carpet fibers. This is what will wear away at your carpet and bring about premature carpet replacement if you’re not on top of cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning

Depending on the amount of traffic or use your carpet bears, you would do well to schedule a professional carpet cleaning every six to eighteen months. This is a wise investment as it will spare your carpet from prematurely needing a replacement.

Unlike a consumer vacuum, professional carpet cleaners will know how to dig down deep into the crevices of your carpet fiber. Their machines will shake the dirt loose and remove it from your carpet.

And if you have some tough to remove stains or oil build up, it’s likely that your professional cleaning technician will know how to remove it. Due to the nature of certified technician training, he will have a good understanding of chemistry as it applies to cleaning. Different types of stains or dirt will require different procedures for removal.

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How often should I get my floors cleaned?

As with the previous question, it’s important that we break this down in general carpet cleaning vs professional carpet cleaning. You want to be informed on how often you should get your floors clean.

General carpet cleaning

In general carpet cleaning maintenance, you should clean your floors at least once a week. Again, we say this as a minimum. If you have pets and constant traffic in your home, then you would do well to vacuum your carpet more often.

Just don’t go beyond a week without vacuuming if you can help it. Dust is a real threat to any home and it will build up regardless of how little traffic your carpet will bear on a weekly basis.

Professional carpet cleaning

How often should you get your floors cleaned by professionals? Basically, we answered this question with the answer to the previous question. Every six to eighteen months should suffice.

To ensure your carpet is cleaned fresh and like new, you are wise to call in a professional carpet cleaning company to provide deep cleaning. They are equipped with effective tools to get the job done.

What can I do for effective stain removal?

To effectively remove stains from your carpet, the most important thing you can do is act before the stain happens. That’s right – there’s something important you can do before any spills hit the floor.

What we recommend is having a small container ready and within easy reach.

Remember what we’ve stated before – when it comes to spills, you need to act quick. If you let stains sit for too long it will be harder to lift them off the carpet. So the best thing you can do is have all your stain removal tools ready and within reach in the case of a spill. This puts you one step ahead of the stain if you don’t have to kill time rummaging for rags and stain removal solutions.

Additionally, for those extra stubborn stains, your cleaning technician will happily come to your rescue. These technicians have the know-how to pull up the most stubborn of stains. And they’ll know how to do it without damaging your carpet.

What services do I need?

If your carpet is only grimy, then carpet cleaning will do the job. If your carpet has some irremovable stains or damage, then consider some restoration services. There are companies out there who can patch up your carpet and spare you the expense of completely changing out your carpet.

There are services available for pet stain removal, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning.

Notice a musty odor in your home? Mold remediation services are available. Ask a professional to come in and test your home for mold. If it’s found in the carpet, a professional will do more than make things right. He’ll find the source of moisture that’s causing the breeding ground for mold.

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Contact a professional cleaning company today and find out how they can help you with your carpet.

Are there differences between floor cleaning companies?

In a word, yes.

There are numerous differences between floor cleaning companies.

Certified vs uncertified

On one hand, you’ll find certified cleaning companies and technicians. These companies have gone through specialized training in the craft of carpet cleaning and more. The certification is merely proof that they have a good comprehension of the ins and outs of carpet cleaning.

It doesn’t mean that an uncertified technician is less qualified. But what it does mean is that your technician did go through a thorough training program. You can ask who certified them and then research that entity.

At Enviro-Dry, we are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They hold to high standards of excellence and knowledge.

Environmentally friendly vs environmentally harmful

Most assuredly, an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning company is going to have a much smaller footprint on the environment. This is happy news for a homeowner, his or her pets, and family.

This type of cleaning company will work with equipment and solutions that are safe for the earth and its residents. By choosing an environmentally friendly cleaning company, you are choosing the best for all.

On the other hand, cleaning companies that are not eco-friendly will be more affordable. But ask yourself if the savings is really that much in the long run. With the harmful chemicals they use, you may find the savings are not worth the harm.

What carpet cleaning method do you recommend?

As you search out cleaning companies, you’ll find that there are various methods of carpet cleaning.

Moisture can be bad for your carpet. You want to use as little moisture as possible to mitigate the possibility of mold growth. The last thing you want is to create a breeding ground for mold.

We’re a big fan of using as little moisture as possible without compromising the effects of deep cleaning.

Enter dry carpet cleaning. In this process, you’ll find professionals using safe cleaning solutions and little moisture. Carpets are sanitized with a process called “pad-capping.” The machines vibrate, moving in an up and down, side to side motion, shaking the grime and dirt loose. Detergents capture the dirt and soil, allowing for easy removal with a vacuum. Drying time is fast due to the low moisture use.

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Get your carpets ready for cleaning!

In closing, a regular general and professional carpet cleaning schedule is a good idea for the longevity of your carpet. Reach out to professional carpet cleaning companies in your area and get a feel for which would be a good fit for you.

For other frequently asked questions, read up on how much a cleaning service will cost and more. We promise it’s well worth the investment!

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