In the event that your carpet is in disrepair, carpet restoration is a great way to bring zest and life back into it.

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Are you a real estate agent with some homes that have carpet problems? Ripples and tears in carpet can be fixed. It is very likely that such fixes are more economical than dishing out the funds for a complete carpet replacement. This can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Got an office or library with carpet problems? Carpet restoration may very well be a proper solution. Before you begin ripping up carpet, your company or organization should hold off. It’s important to weigh the option of choosing carpet restoration.

If you’re a homeowner, this may be the ticket. Those rips and tears in the hallway may not warrant complete carpet replacement. And don’t jump to conclusions on carpet discolorations. A professional carpet restoration technician will likely be able to help with that too.

Life happens, carpet gets dirty

Even the most careful homeowner may see their carpet undergo damage. Life happens. Try as you may to preserve your carpet, problems like water damage can strike your home. But take heart, your carpet can be restored to “like-new” status.

So today we are going to take an in-depth look at carpet restoration. We will cover some frequently asked questions to guide the way. We’ll also help you figure out if carpet restoration is right for your carpet needs. Wrinkled or ripped doesn’t mean beyond disrepair.

What is carpet restoration?

Yes, there is a difference between carpet cleaning and carpet restoration. In carpet cleaning, it’s pretty straightforward. You’re dealing with carpet that’s been maintained on a regular basis with professional cleaning. All that’s needed is professional cleaning procedures and cleaning solutions. There may be some areas in the carpet that require spot removal, but that’s pretty straightforward too. Cleaning professionals are prepared to quickly handle that.

But carpet restoration is a different animal. The professionals who take on carpet restoration will need to take several factors into account. For example, your carpet’s construction and the extent of the carpet’s griminess must be considered. Carpet restoration is for carpet that’s been sorely neglected and abused.

The carpet cleaning technician will need to assess the carpet’s condition and requirements to bring it back to life. In a way, some businesses and homeowners will count these technicians as miracle workers. The before and after pictures of restoration services are evidence enough of the effectiveness of their solutions.

In carpet restoration, a professional will be able to cut out a damaged carpet area and perfectly replace the cutout carpet. Such professional work can save you much time and financial strain.

How do I know if my carpet needs restoration?

Want to know when carpet restoration is needed? First of all, if your carpet has rips and ripples on the surface, then it’s a sure bet that you need carpet restoration services. A carpet restoration technician will professionally stretch out your carpet. This will make it look smooth and newly installed.

If your carpet is oily and matted, that’s another sure sign that carpet restoration services are a must for your home or facility. With some powerful cleaning agents and cleaning tools, the oily and matted carpet is restored to its original luster. The before and after will leave you speechless.

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Other obvious needs for carpet restoration include water damage and smoke damage. Carpet restoration services have the professional equipment and solutions required to make that carpet shine like new again. Has your carpet lost its color? A professional carpet restoration service can restore color too.

Professional carpet restoration services will know exactly how to analyze the extent of your carpet restoration needs. They’ll look at the construction of your carpet, the type of fiber, soil levels and make calls on your restoration needs based on that. Carpet restoration can save your carpet’s life.

Does it save me money?

Count up the cost of complete carpet replacement. Compare it to the cost of restoration, you’ll find that carpet restoration can save you money.

According to, the average cost of carpet repair services in 2018 is $185. Of course, this is contingent on various factors, including but not limited to location, repair needs, and materials involved.

It is likely that such services will be effective without breaking the bank. We suggest you reach out to your local carpet restoration services and compare their quotes with the cost of replacing your carpet. You may be surprised.

Is carpet restoration for office carpet only?

No, carpet restoration isn’t just for offices. Restaurants, hotels, libraries, everyday homeowners, and other establishments can make use of carpet restoration services. Anyone with carpet should leverage the carpet resurrecting powers of professional carpet restoration.

Can I do it myself?

Technically, you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

However, by calling in the professionals, you’ll be placing your carpet in the hands of professionals who have the gear needed to get your carpet looking fresh and like new. They not only have tools but the experience also. This experience will save time and it will save your carpet from further damage. You don’t want a simple fix (for a professional) to snowball into irreparable damages.

So my carpet underwent professional carpet restoration. Now what?

You called in the professionals and they came in to give your carpet a much-needed facelift and pamper treatment. It’s not the same carpet you walked on before the professionals came on the scene, that’s certain.

Of course, after all is said and done, it only makes sense that you have a maintenance plan in place to keep things looking nice and like new.

Protective mats

A pair of feet beside a pair of red shoes on a rug

So if you noticed that some places were greasier than others, maybe those are the areas that need a little protection. That’s where protective mats come into play. Common problem areas include the floor space at kitchen sinks and stovetops. Hallways are also heavily trafficked areas. We also suggest placing mats at your building or home’s entranceway. As people come from in from outside, the mats will pick up most of the debris off their shoes.

Quick action for spills

To protect your carpet from staining, the most important thing you can do is spring into quick cleaning action. Don’t let it sit. The reason for quick action is two fold – first, if you let the spill sit on your carpet, it becomes harder to remove any stains that may incur as a result.

Additionally, if you’re not quick to deal with a spill, you might encourage the perfect habitation for mold growth. Where moisture is, if it sits stagnant long enough, mold growth will be sure to follow.

Weekly maintenance procedures

In an effort to keep up with your carpet’s cleanliness, be sure to integrate weekly maintenance procedures. As stated above, if there’s a spill, leap into cleaning action. At least once a week – or more if your carpet faces high levels of traffic – you should vacuum your carpet.

This goes regardless of whether your carpet appears clean or not. Don’t wait till dirt is accumulating to a visible status before cleaning. The time to vacuum is now before things are out of hand and requiring professional clean up. Over time, dust and dirt can dull your carpet fiber.

Professional maintenance procedures

To maintain your carpet’s longevity, you would do well to call in professional carpet cleaners. Having them come in every six months is a good procedure to keep the dirt build up in check. These professionals will bring in equipment that can shake the dirt loose that’s embedded into the crevices of your carpet fibers.

Ensure that your professional carpet cleaning company is making use of environmentally friendly cleaning practices and solutions. It’s safer for adults, children, pets, and the general environment.

Another benefit to calling in the professionals is the longer lifespan your carpet will enjoy. This is the magic that happens after a professional carpet cleaning. Why replace your carpet prematurely when you can do your part to let it live the life it’s capable of living.

A great solution to keep on hand

It comes as no surprise that calling in professionals to restore and clean your carpet will prove to be a big money saver. Whether it’s mold, water damage, smoke damage, rips, or discoloration, carpet restoration will come to your rescue. Don’t scrap your carpet until you’ve invited professional carpet restoration services to assess your carpet damage.

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For further reading and answers to other FAQs

For more frequently asked questions on carpet restoration check out our other articles. We discuss questions on effective stain removal and how professional services affect commercial carpet life expectancy.

As a good steward of possessions under your care, it’s smart to know how to remove stains – and the ins and outs of dealing with professional carpet cleaners. Enviro-Dry aims to bring you quality cleaning services and information on cleaning techniques. We hope our frequently asked question series sheds some light on your carpet cleaning questions and concerns.

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