Welcome to our cleaning close up series! If you’re a bit squeamish, this may not be the right series for you. But then again, the point of Enviro-Dry blog is to help you do away with the squeamish, right? We help you clean for a happier, healthier, and more productive home and office life.

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So don’t be shy about this series. We’re going to show you pictures of different things you come across in cleaning your home — things you don’t see.

While you may not see these things, they are there. And they’re prepared to wreak havoc if you don’t take responsibility.

This series is not written to cause unsettling fear, but to provide you the knowledge that empowers. If you’re empowered, it’s easier for you to keep on top of that cleaning schedule.

Can you guess what this is?

So for our first subject under scrutiny, we have the following picture. Can you guess what this is? Strange-looking, is it not? Looks like white jelly beans with wires protruding, if you asked us!

Unfortunately, it’s not that. (As strange as that sounds!)

This is a picture of several house dust mites. That’s right — they’re microscopic creepy crawlies! We can’t see them with the naked eye, but they’re there! They’re everywhere.

According to a BBC article, “millions of dust mites are found in the average home and their droppings are known to trigger asthma attacks.”

What are dust mites?

To most people, they’re harmless. While they don’t carry disease, they do trigger allergic reactions for the asthmatic and those who are extra sensitive to dust mite feces.

Not a pleasant topic, we know. But again, it’s one to be grappled with. Dust mites are present in every home and office.

For a dust mite, dead skin makes a hearty meal. And yes! That does include human and animal skin. Have a cat or dog? More nutrition for the dust mites in your life. (Hey, don’t be so quick to get rid of Spot. You contribute to dust mite nutrition too!)

They thrive in warm, humid environments. Something to keep in mind as you combat these unsightly critters!

Combatting dust mites

So what’s a homeowner or office manager to do? The best course of action you can take is that of getting at the dust mite’s source of food.

Clean regularly

In your day to day life, you will shed skin cells. There is no way around that. It’s part of every day human experience. Every week, a human body sheds about 8.8 pounds of skin every year! That’s food for the dust mites in your life. Multiply that by the number of people in your office or home and you’ve got yourself one amazing factory of dust mite food.

So what to do?

A vacuum cleaner next to a pair of tennis shoes

Clean. Don’t skimp on your cleaning. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. As you vacuum and wipe down the house, you’ll gather up the dead skin cells and other debris in your home.

Be conscious of the problem areas

Another hack to combatting dust mites is knowing and attacking the problem areas. Where are dead skin cells most likely to be collected in large amounts?

Living rooms, couches, bedding, and carpet give shelter to the skin cells and to the dust mites that are hungry. Be sure to clean your mattress regularly and deep clean the crevices of your couch and armchairs.

According to EHSO.com, you’ll find tens of thousands of dust mites in a mattress. And how about that carpet of yours? One square yard of carpet can provide a home to 100,000 dust mites.

And that’s why deep cleaning is important!

Keep up the cleaning and keep the dust mites at bay

Certainly, no one thinks the thought of keeping dust mites company is pleasant. Be proactive in setting a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning schedule. It will help you and your loved ones in embracing a healthier home and life.

Dust mites are pesky creatures we grapple with daily. Despite the nuisance that they are, we don’t have to be passive in reacting to their presence in our lives.

The secret to deep cleaning

We mentioned the importance of deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is taking out time to get into the crevices and often neglected places of your home. Think baseboards, ceiling fans, wiping down kitchen walls, and cleaning your mattress rather than just your blanket.

To help you get started in your deep cleaning efforts, we’ve come up with a deep cleaning checklist. Feel free to adjust it to your family’s needs.

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