Hello there, 2019!

Who doesn’t love the fresh feel of a brand new year? For any business, standing at the start of a new year means an opportunity to revamp the way you do business. It’s a chance to step back and survey the last year and how your business currently stands.

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As you know, our specialty is helping individuals and businesses maintain a well-cared, clean home. This makes for a happier and healthier world. In light of that, we’d like to offer a variety of cleaning goals for your consideration. But first, let’s talk about why such goal-setting is important for your business.

Cleaning goals your business should aim for in 2019

There are three reasons why we think you should aim for these cleaning goals in 2019. To be sure, it requires some effort on your part, but we think you’ll find the rewards worthy of the investment.

First of all, if you can make your environment more attractive to those you serve, why wouldn’t you? We’ve all been to grimy offices — dust is accumulating on the baseboard and the glass doors smudged from fingerprints. By giving your business some extra attention, you are showing the client that you care for detail. You are also making the client feel comfortable.

The second reason is that a clean environment helps keep your staff healthy. Your staff can’t perform at their best if the environment is dirty, inviting the build-up of germs and spread of infection.

And third, not only do you have a welcoming and healthier environment on your hands, you have another perk. You’ll save money as an employer and see more productivity in your business if your employees are not calling in sick.

Cleaning goals for your business’ bathroom facilities

Before we look at the various businesses out there and how they could improve their cleaning game, let’s talk about bathrooms. Bathroom facilities are universal to just about every business.

To maintain a quality business, we encourage you to do cleanliness checks on the bathroom regularly. Anyone can sense the griminess of a poorly kept bathroom. Germs can spread without difficulty in such an environment. Have your staff monitor the bathrooms on a regular basis. That way you can be a business that takes pride in the cleanliness of your facilities.

Schedule a deep cleaning every couple weeks, if needed. Keep an eye on the grout lines, the trim where the floor meets the wall. These are areas that are often overlooked in cleaning.

Cleaning goals for restaurants

For the restaurant establishment, it’s important that you raise the bar in cleanliness. Floors are an area that you must constantly keep an eye on as food and crumbs fall. Spills happen, so you must be ready to mop them up as soon as they hit the ground.

Floor in a cafe with wooden tables

Cleaning resolution ideas? Keep a hawk eye on those floors and give the bathrooms extra attention. Food and germs don’t mix well.

Take care that you regularly wipe down the counters where customers order and the cash register. These are places where your staff’s hands will come in contact with other people. And you don’t know what foreign germs and grime they might carry into your establishment. It’s normal of course, but be sure you are extra cautious in wiping down doors, counters, and railings. These are areas your staff may be less prone to keep tabs on.

Cleaning goals for offices

For the office, look to the trim around your office. Dust will collect there if you’re not on top of things. Keep those windows looking glossy clean and wipe down your computer area. In between the grooves of your keyboard and on your monitor, a layer of grime can collect. Dust and greasy hands will do a number on your desk’s cleanliness if not attended to.

Cleaning goals for thrift stores

In a thrift store, your establishment can begin to look disheveled in a moment. The best thing you can do is wipe down items as you receive them. Make it a point to take a damp towel with vinegar and clean your shelves from time to time. Leaving the items on the shelf in an ordered fashion will help your store look more professional.

Cleaning goals for funeral homes

For the funeral home parlor, consider sprucing the place up with a regular dusting. You don’t want the families you’re serving to feel they’re in a musty old building. If your establishment has curtains, send them to the cleaners from time to time.

Additionally, if your carpets have been around for a while, consider having them cleaned professionally or replaced. They may have a musty odor hanging on if they’re old.

Carpeted floor next to a wooden board or wall

Cleaning goals for hotels or bed and breakfasts

To keep those hotels or bed and breakfasts spruced up, take extra note of the crevices on furniture and fixtures. Schedule a periodic deep cleaning to keep that extra fresh look going.

Your customers will appreciate your goals!

And you’ll feel better about them too as you reap the rewards of having a happier and healthier working environment. There are benefits to keeping a place clean.

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