So you’re a business owner or manager and you’re on the hunt for a quality commercial office cleaning company. You’re busy, your employees are busy, time is well-spent on furthering your office’s success. However, you know your office could look and feel better with a professional cleaning.

Well, have no fear, you’re on the right track and you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through some standard expectations on what you should expect from a commercial office cleaning company.

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You’re already ahead of the game by realizing your need to bring in the professionals. But we’ll go ahead and expound on several benefits. You’ll find that you probably hadn’t thought of them all. Afterward, we’ll talk about expectations.

Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company

In fact, if you’re sitting on the fence about whether you should hire a commercial office cleaning company, the following list of benefits is sure to persuade you to go for it.

Choosing a professional cleaning company to help with your office’s cleaning needs will change your work environment for the better. However, that’s not the only benefit. It will have an impact on several aspects – including your employees and clients.

Boosts employee morale

Ensuring your office environment is freshly cleaned makes your employees feel appreciated. Allowing the workspace to build up dirt and grime will make your employees feel underappreciated. It will also express that you care little for their well-being. This is surely communicated unintentionally.

It will tell them you can’t handle the little things, so clearly you can’t handle proper organization and leading of the company.

Studies show that a clean environment reduces stress levels and provides a positive psychological impact on the mind of your employees. They’ll want to be at work – rather than get away from a dingy environment. Creativity and performance will see a boost too. This is great as your employees interact with one another and your clients. You definitely want to help set a positive mood.

Better health

This is a win for all – clients, business owners, and the employees themselves. Who doesn’t want better health?

Thankfully, taking the pains to ensure a clean work environment is rewarding. The extra effort will keep you and your employees healthy.

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As people come in and out of your facility, germs are polluting the surfaces and air of the office environment. This is fairly normal. However, you don’t want to neglect the cleaning needs of your facility’s workspace. The accumulation of bacteria could be disastrous.

A commercial office cleaning company will know how to get at the germs and filth on a deeper level. In doing so, they’ll work on areas that are often left neglected.

Additionally, another perk to a healthier environment is having to worry less about your employees needing sick days. And as the spread of bacteria and germs is mitigated, your clients are also protected. A greater likelihood of spreading illness is mitigated.

Clearer air quality

Another benefit of professional cleaning is that the in-depth cleaning will annihilate the layers of dust that have built up. Dust can accumulate on counters, floors, trim, and more.

Dust is hazardous to human health. If left unattended to, it can cause allergens to rear up and more.


Equally important is the extra care a commercial cleaning company will take in prioritizing safety. They will know what procedures to take as they employ the use of heavy equipment within your facilities. Another safety aspect is in the cleaning solutions they choose to make use of. We’ll talk about that more in the next paragraph.

The environment is cared for

Because they care about safety, a quality cleaning company will understand the value of caring for our environment. Their choice of cleaning solutions will reflect their beliefs on choosing good stewardship. This is important as we interact and live in the environment.

Environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions mitigate harm on the environment. This also positively affects the people who work in and visit your offices.

Extend the lifespan of your office

Because of the extra care of your office’s floors, countertops and such, you’ll be able to save on expenses. The office space’s need for remodeling or floor re-waxing will be further down the road. Well uncared for facilities will need renovations sooner than desired.

Proper care of your building will save you lots of money in the long run.

Positive impression

Furthermore, a clean workspace is good for business. Let’s be honest. In many (if not most) situations, a visit to your office will be a client’s first impression.

To let something so simple to take care of on your end ruin business partnerships or job opportunities is a tragedy. A clean, tidy office will speak volumes to your clients. Don’t let business opportunities slip by you because of a grimy, dingy office. Call in the professionals.

Clearer focus

Clear workspace makes for clear headspace to focus and concentrate, making productivity a breeze.

A study discovered that people working in a cluttered environment are burdened by the mess as it inhibits their ability to focus.

Give your employees the cleanliness they need. You’ll see an increase in productivity and creativity, making for a more powerful, well-oiled business machine.

Professional knowledge

Undoubtedly, choosing to employ a commercial office cleaning company is a smart solution to your office cleaning needs. You should expect these cleaning technicians to carry the power of knowledge in their cleaning arsenal.

Knowledge is power, and the saying is no less applicable to professional cleaning. This knowledge and a careful application are what separates the frauds from the pros.

Types of dirt

In brief, let’s talk about dirt. A professional cleaning company will understand there are three types of dirt and they will be equipped with knowledge and means to combat the dirt, accordingly.

  • Gritty (loose) dirt.
    It’s what commonly comes to mind when people think of dirt. While it’s not always visible, its gritty texture gives it away. We are aware of its presence as clients and employees are constantly tracking it in and out of your office. It builds up in your carpet and it’s a given that most dirt collected in your office will fall into this category. This gritty dirt will wear away at your floor’s finish if not dealt with.
  • Oily (or atmospheric) dirt.
    Interestingly, this type of dirt is airborne. Smoke and pollution are the biggest contributors to the oily dirt category. And frustratingly, the oily residue is difficult to clean up. It’s not visible at first, but as it builds up over time, the oily dirt becomes visible and nasty.
  • Wet dirt (or spills).
    Wet dirt can be anything like spilled coffee, wine, or worse. The longer you leave these spills on the carpet, the harder it is to pull it up. The longer you leave these spills on a hard floor surface, the more hazardous it becomes as it poses a slipping threat.

Cleaning solutions and techniques

Unquestionably, as mentioned further up, a professional cleaning company should look out for the best interests of your office and the environment.

For example, Enviro-Dry hygienically cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes carpets with a five-step environmentally-friendly cleaning system.

Our cleaning method of choice is called “encapsulation.” This process “crystallizes” dirt and soil. As the environmentally-friendly cleaning agent dries, it forms a crystal around the dirt. Dust mites, mold spores, and other pathogens are also “captured.” These crystals are removed with an oscillating pad machine which moves side to side, up and down. All this while rotating at 1750 RPMs. This method effectively loosens and removes the grime from the crevices of your carpet. It leaves your carpets effectively and efficiently cleaner than ever.

Areas to be cleaned

The extent of the commercial office cleaning company’s coverage will depend on the agreement you work out. Every cleaning company is different and every office has different needs. Many commercial office cleaners will be happy to put together a custom package to meet your office’s requirements.

Areas to consider

Floors, bathrooms, interior and/or exterior of windows, waiting areas and break rooms can be tackled by your cleaning company. Just ask and see about their methods.

Janitor cleaning floors

A professional cleaning company will know how to clean deep into the fibers of your office. They’ll reach where no ordinary cleaning will or can reach.

Other characteristics of a commercial office cleaning company

Not only are you welcoming strangers into your business, but you’re also putting your business and its assets in a vulnerable position. There are some key characteristics you should expect in a cleaning company that will do your office well.


The first place to check is with testimonials. Customer testimonials will speak volumes about the cleaning company’s ethics, timeliness, and effectiveness. Most cleaning companies work locally, so this will give you a chance to check in on the businesses they serve. You’ll get a first-hand look at how effective the cleaning service is for real offices.


Is the company trustworthy? Ask them about their hiring process. Talk to their previous clients about their own interactions with the cleaning technicians. These technicians will have access to your facilities. You don’t want to run the risk of theft or them meddling with your own customers’ paperwork or property.


Next up, we have certification listed as a key characteristic of any professional cleaning company.

For instance, Enviro-Dry technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection and Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC). Certification requires that technicians are held to a high standard of excellence. This standard affects both knowledge, ethics, and technique. The IICRC provides certification for inspection, cleaning, restoration, and installation companies.

Undergoing specialized training that emphasizes respect, integrity, industry expertise, and responsibility creates quality technicians to serve your needs.

IICRC technicians are under a continuing education program. This requires them to remain current on the latest cleaning tactics and information.

Certification is important because it denotes credibility. Anyone can claim to be a professional. Few take the pains to prove it by undergoing rigorous training.

Clear agreement

With any business service agreement, you want it clearly written on paper. Your commercial office cleaning company will make sure the agreement and extent of their cleaning are clear.

But don’t be shy – it’s normal for clients to tack on additional cleaning features to their invoice. Your cleaning technicians will be prepared to make note of this and get the job done.


It was the poet, Alexander Pope, who penned the phrase, “to err is human.”

As careful as one may be, accidents happen and things don’t go as planned. This is why you should expect professionals to have insurance for liability in the case that something goes amiss. This is important for you and the cleaning company as both parties will be protected in the case of damage

Note, IICRC certified cleaning businesses are required to carry liability insurance.

Environmentally friendly

Finally, you can expect a cleaning company to provide an environmentally friendly service. We’ve mentioned this before, but we can’t stress it enough. It’s for your benefit, their technicians’ benefit, your clients benefit, and your employee’s benefit. But let’s not forget – it’s also for the environment’s benefit.

Unfortunately, cleaning products and the chemicals contained therein pose a great threat to our environment’s air. The safety of people and animals across the globe is also at stake.

You can better love your neighbor and steward the earth by choosing a company that truly cares about mitigating a negative impact on the environment.

Final tips

In summary, you can expect good things from a quality commercial office cleaning. The air will be clearer, your employees happier, and your clients will notice the difference.

We hope we’ve provided some clear guidance on proper expectations and what to look for. As you wade through the various cleaning companies that may work in your area, the above information may be invaluable. Selecting a cleaning company doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Calling company

Create a checklist of the points we’ve given you and start reaching out. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll quickly whittle down the list to ease your decision-making.

Get the most out of your commercial office cleaning session!

Just remember, if a cleaning company truly cares about serving your needs, they won’t snub your inquiries. A customer deserves to know what they’re getting into. It’s your office and your investment. Be sure to find a company that meets your needs and will help your business become a healthier environment through deep cleaning.

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