There’s nothing quite like having something that smells good to spruce up the car and freshens the air. But most of the product options out there are teeming with a myriad of harmful chemicals. If you take the time to research these chemical ingredients, you’ll find they’re not very safe for humans or pets.

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That’s where a DIY car carpet cleaner and fresheners come in. If you make your own, you have control over the ingredients that will enter your car and family’s life. Nothing you won’t allow will make the cut.

It’s nice to have that sort of control when you’re talking about the best for your family. That’s why we’re taking the time to share five different recipes for DIY car carpet cleaner and fresheners. You’ll find that many of these recipes are simple and that many ingredients are already handy in your kitchen.

5 recipes for DIY car carpet cleaner and fresheners

The beautiful thing about DIY car carpet cleaner is that you can turn it into a fun project with the kids. Get them involved in something useful. Children are naturally curious so why not channel that curiosity into everyday moments such as a car carpet cleaning?

Before we begin, note that it’s important to vacuum your carpet and upholstery prior to applying any cleaning solutions. Crumbs and other debris will simply get in the way, downplaying the effectiveness of your carpet cleaner.

#1 The power of odor removal

If your car has quite the stink, maybe it’s coming from the carpet. And if it’s coming from the carpet, we can help. Vinegar is our solution of choice.

Find two bowls and fill them with vinegar. Place these bowls in the car- one near the front of the car, the other near the back.

Close all the doors and windows, allowing the vinegar to sit overnight. The idea is that the bowls of vinegar will absorb the offending odors.

Additionally, think about sprinkling baking soda on your car’s carpet, chairs, and all the upholstery in your car.

In the morning, you can vacuum up the baking powder.

#2 Easy and effect spot cleaner

In a car that frequently sees use by the kiddos, you’ll find a lifesaver in this recipe. My Frugal Adventures recommends dish soap for spot cleaning your car carpet and upholstery.

Bottles of essential oils

Grab yourself a spray bottle and mix in a tablespoon of dish soap and two cups of warm water. If you have essential oils, that is a nice addition to your mix.

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and allow to sit on your carpet overnight for best results. Vacuum up the baking soda.

Afterward, you may generously spray the cleaning solution onto your carpet.

Following a few minutes, soak up the excess moisture on your carpet with a rag and dabbing motion.

Now that you have soaked up as much as possible, rub the solution in a circular motion on your carpet.

Allow to dry and you’re done.

#3 Easy stain remover

Moving on to another DIY car carpet cleaner, The Inspired House Wife offers her easy car upholstery stain remover.

She recommends a cup of dish soap, a cup of white vinegar, a cup of club soda, and a nearby duty spray bottle.

First, mix the ingredients together and shake up the bottle. Spray the stains and allow the solution to sit on the upholstery for about ten minutes. Next, dab the area in a circular motion.

#4 Handy carpet deodorizer with baking soda

My Frugal Adventures provides readers with a genius carpet deodorizer idea.

Buy a sprinkle jar from your home department store – it’s the sort of jar used for powdered sugar.

Fill the jar with baking soda, adding ten drops or so of essential oil. If you don’t have essential oils on hand, then try cooking vanilla or powdered cinnamon.

Sprinkle the baking soda throughout your carpet and upholstery, allowing it to sit for at least an hour before you begin vacuuming. If you can let it be overnight, that’s a plus.

#5 Homemade car air freshener

Simple Life Mom has a fun air freshener tutorial. It’s easy and straightforward. You just need felt, a cotton ball, and essential oils.

A quick run to your local department store’s craft aisle will afford you some felt.

Needles in a needle cushion bag

Cut the felt two pieces, both the same size and shape. At the top of the shape, punch a whole. Put the two pieces together and sew around the edge of the perimeter, leaving an open gab at the bottom.

Add several drops of essential oil onto a cotton ball and stuff it into your shape, closing up the seam.

If you need to add more essential oils, later on, add several drops onto the felt and the oil will seep through onto the cotton ball.

Fresh smelling and clean

So we shared some DIY car carpet cleaner recipes. But have you thought about stain prevention? Stains are a threat to carpet and upholstery in cars, businesses, and homes. There are ways to prevent carpet stains from occurring in the first place. Why not read what we have to say on that?

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