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Our Indoor Air Quality package is ideal for those who suffer with seasonal allergies. We offer a deep scrub carpet cleaning utilizing our four step carpet cleaning process. Highlighted features of this include our triple Hepa filtration vacuums. We disinfect the carpets and leave them cleaner, and drier than any other company. Many home owners don’t realize how the carpets in their home acutally function as the largetst air filter in the home, trapping dirt, allergens, and bacteria. If the air handling unit has a filter that is changed regularly, doesn’t it make sense to keep the carpets cleaned regularly? Once we deep scrub and clean the carpets, we do a thorough cleaning of the air duct system. We utilize high powered suction and negative air to force dirt and debris from the ducts. The system is disinfected once the cleaning process is completed. Once the carpets, and the air ducts are cleaned, we leave air scrubbers to run in the home after a thourough air disruption is created. We run these air scubbers for a 24 hour period, come back the next day and pick them up. Deep Scrub Carpet Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning Air Scrubbing

Certified Technicians At Enviro-Dry Carpet Cleaning, we are clean carpet experts. Do you want clean carpets and a clean home? Our IICRC certified technicians can help with that. We use the best equipment along with high-powered, truck-mounted, extraction systems to ensure your carpet will look its best when we are done cleaning for you. Environmentally Friendly When it comes to carpet cleaning, we provide a safer, healthier alternative. At Enviro-Dry, we know what it takes to do the best job possible. Our cleaning system is detergent free which means we leave zero residue behind. Plus, we utilize a carbonated pre-spray that is non-toxic and odor free! Economical With Enviro-Dry Carpet Cleaning you will always get the best clean for your dollar. We are not “cheap,” but you get what you pay for. When you choose to work with us, you are purchasing much more than a one time cleaning. You are investing in the health of your home for years to come. Pet Stains and Odors Do you have pets in the home? A dog or a cat? We know that sometimes pets can cause unwanted problems for you. Your dog may have gotten sick, or your cat may shed a little too much. We all love our pets, but to the average person, pet odor is an unpleasant subject. Urine damage is not only an odor issue but a staining and health contamination issue. Professional pet odor removal ensures the proper corrective action, which in turn means a more thorough cleaning job. Our industry standard cleaning will help eliminate the unwanted hair caused by your cat, and we can even treat those pet stains. Pet odor problems are also easily eliminated with our cleaning system too. When we are finished you’ll notice that a fresh, clean smell has returned, just like the carpet was new again. Unique Spot Stain Removal System Do you have company coming over or a party coming up? We can help spruce your carpets better than you think. Those coffee stains that have been driving you crazy or the dirty look to those areas that are more heavily travelled; maybe your husband spilled wine on the carpet next to the recliner. We can treat your spots with our unique spot removal system. Whether you have rust stains, ink, gum, whatever the problem we have a procedure to help ensure the most professional carpet spot removal available. Call us for all your home carpet cleaning needs.

What this means for you:

Cleans deep to the base of the carpet fiber

Cleans completely in just one pass

Non-toxic — it’s safer for your children, your pets

Dries super fast — often in less than one hour

Resists Mold & Mildew

Certified Green Compliance

Conserves water and energy

Enhances your indoor air quality

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