In short, the answer is a resounding yes! It’s true, a professional cleaning will get rid of germs in the office.

And we’ll explain how. We’ll also discuss ways for you to maintain your office’s cleanliness in between cleanings. And we’ll also talk about how often you should call the professionals in to help.

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If you haven’t considered a professional cleaning service for your office needs, the time to enlist is now. And you’ll see why.

Will a professional cleaning get rid of germs in the office?

To blast away the germs in the office, a professional cleaning will bring in some real cleaning power into play. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill cleaning products and tools. No, we’re talking about top-of-the-line cleaning machines that get deep down into the crevices of your office, blasting away the germs.

In the arsenal of a professional cleaning company, you’re going to find three key components that serve to their advantage: knowledge, professional tools, and germ-busting chemicals.


To say that a cleaning professional knows the ins and outs of cleaning is an understatement. A certified cleaning technician understands the science of cleaning. They’ll go beyond a surface knowledge.

When cleaning, professional cleaning technicians understand the chemistry behind the kind of dirt they’re cleaning and the method they’re using. There are no guessing games with the cleaning technician. He won’t put your office at damage risk in trying to figure out how to clean your office.

By way of contrast, he will assess the situations and materials that require cleaning, approaching your office cleanings needs with the right tactics and tools.

Professional tools

And speaking of tools, a professional carpet cleaning will come to your office with professional cleaning tools in tow.

There’s no low-budget machine at play in his toolbox.

Vacuum cleaner on carpet

He takes his job seriously and knows that to get at the germs and grime, you need to dig down deep and bring in some strong cleaning power on the scene.

Additionally, a cleaning professional knows that you need to be careful of how much water is employed in cleaning carpet, for example. Too much water and you can have some serious mold problems as a result. You want fast-drying action without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness.

Germ-busting chemicals

Along with their understanding and effective equipment to attack those germs, a professional cleaning company will have high-power cleaning chemicals to get the job done.

Not only are the chemicals employed effective, but they’re also fast-working and they’ll be applied with the best methods.

Together, the knowledge, tools, and chemicals employed by a professional cleaning service will get rid of germs in the office.

How often should I bring the professional cleaners into my office?

Every six to twelve months, at a minimum works great, depending on the type of business. If your office sees a lot of active use in foot traffic then you may need to receive a professional cleaning visit on a more regular basis.

Invite a professional cleaning company to come in, assess your needs, and provide a quote.

Upkeep tips in between professional cleanings

After your office has received a professional cleaning, you need to ensure your team does their part with upkeep. In between, you can do your part to keep the germs in the office limited.


First of all, vacuum regularly so debris that gets tracked in is picked up.

Second, be quick to clean up spills.

Third, encourage your staff to clean up after themselves. Limiting snacks to a snack room can help with cleanliness. If you allow your staff to eat at their desk, then ensure they wipe down their desks afterward.

Pizza in box for office snack

And here’s a bonus tip as you work to get rid of germs in the office — hand-washing is a big way to keep the germs at bay! Regular hand-washing, especially during cold and flu season can help your staff stay healthy! By washing hands, your staff will mitigate the spread of germs from one to another.

Keep your work environment happy and healthy

So we’ve established that a professional cleaning will get rid of germs in the office. We’ve also discussed different ways your staff can keep tabs on those germs in between cleanings.

Aside from whether or not a professional cleaning will work to get rid of germs, do you know what to expect? Knowing what to expect from a professional office cleaning will help you figure out if that’s a good fit for your office needs.

Call up a few cleaning companies and get some quotes. Your office staff deserves a healthy environment. A healthy environment makes for a happy environment!

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