Neighbors are a big part of the day to day life in any community wherever you are in the world. Regardless of culture, social standing, creed, or religion, neighbors are an integral part of any society.

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It seems only fitting that we take a day out of the year to give recognition to those who make up our communities.

National Good Neighbor Day

On September 28, we celebrate National Good Neighbor Day. It’s the perfect reminder to get out there and reach out to your neighbors and show them you care.

According to the Awareness Days US website, National Good Neighbor Day was invented in 1971 by a lady from Montana. A few years later, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed it a national holiday. He hoped it would encourage Americans to realize the importance of good neighbors in cultivating strong communities.

7 Thoughtful ways to celebrate Good Neighbor Day

In honor of this day of celebrating good neighbors, we have pulled together several ideas. These ideas can be as complicated or as simple as you’d like. We encourage our readers to involve the entire family in the good acts of kindness. It’s a wonderful way to teach your children how to think outside themselves and embrace selflessness.

1 – Keep a tidy yard

First thing on the list is a biggie. And it’s as simple as keeping a tidy yard. Few things are more annoying than a neighbor who keeps a trashy yard. Your neighbor will appreciate a lovelier, tidier view of their surroundings.

So keep that lawn trimmed. You’ll feel better about it and your neighbors will appreciate it.

2 – Hit the neighbor’s yard while you’re at it

Second, go the extra mile and mow your neighbor’s yard. It’s a thoughtful gesture and you never know how surprised they’ll be that you have taken the time to think of them in this way.

3 – Clean up after your pooch

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Another thing you can do is clean up after your dog. If he or she has a habit of leaving evidence of its presence on the neighbor’s yard, it’s time to help your dog clean up its act.

And it’s only right to go beyond Good Neighbor Day on this one. Strategize a way to keep your dog out of the neighbor’s yard and be aware of picking up after the pooch when you take him or her out for a walk.

4 – Offer to take on a challenging cleaning task for your elderly neighbors

Do you have elderly neighbors? Why not knock on their door and see about cleaning their home’s exterior or trimming their bushes. Survey the exterior of their home and see what you can offer to fix or clean up.

You never know what you’ll learn about your neighbors in the process. Your family could make a new invaluable friend. The elderly can be a wealth of knowledge for your family to learn from.

5 – Help the exhausted mom next door

Is there a mom who’d be grateful to have an extra hand in an outdoor cleaning task? As with the elderly neighbors, see what you can do. If you’re not sure about what can be done, simply ask.

And if help isn’t welcome, you can always drop off a batch of cookies to show you care about them and their family.

6 – Pick up neighborhood litter

Here’s a thoughtful way to help out the whole neighborhood. Grab yourself a few trash bags and some gloves and you can set to work. You’ll be surprised at the little pieces of gum wrapper and trash you’ll find as you walk around the neighborhood. You may or may not be thanked for the deed, but you’ll feel good about it anyway.

7 – Choose environmentally friendly cleaning methods and solutions

Additionally, you can benefit all your neighbors by choosing clean methods and solutions that are safe for the environment. Look at the ingredients listed on the cleaning solution you use — most of them are a hazard to the environment, including pets and children.

Choose safe products. Oftentimes you can make safe cleaning products on your own.

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Celebrating neighbors through kindness

In celebration of Good Neighbor Day, we hope you find inspiration in the above ideas. If you’re looking for some homemade cleaning solution recipes, we’ve got your back. You can find several options here. They’re safe for the environment and your family! No need to worry about harmful chemicals while you effectively clean your home. You may even find that most of the ingredients are readily available in your kitchen pantry!

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