Here at Enviro-Dry, we’re all about having a healthier and cleaner home. No, we don’t like to think of ourselves as clean freaks. As a matter of fact, we advocate enjoying life’s journey — without shrinking at all the dirt that comes with it. You want a lived-in home, not a home that looks sterile and unwelcome.

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But that should not mean embracing an unhealthy abode for you and your family. You can enjoy life and cultivate a healthy home.

So today we’re going to talk about five different health benefits of cleaning. And then we’re going to see if we can help you in keeping up with those new year cleaning resolutions.

The 5 health benefits of cleaning

So let’s talk about the five health benefits of cleaning. Don’t shudder, cleaning doesn’t have to be painful. It leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle. You know the old saying, “clean desk space, clear head space.” We believe the same goes for your entire household space.

If things are clean and in place, you’ll spend less time fretting and feeling discombobulated. That means more time in productive thinking and action. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s move forward and look at the five health benefits of cleaning. You’ll be glad to see cleaning is worth every bit of your effort.

1 – Mitigate the spreading of germs

In cleaning your home, you can sanitize your belongings and environment from the nasties that bring about illnesses. Dirt and microbes can bring sickness to your home if you leave bacteria to grow and fester. This is not good news for you and your family.

That’s why taking the time to clean is truly a benefit to any home.

2 – Keep the pests away

Another added benefit to cleaning is that of keeping the pests away. If you leave food crumbs and spill left unattended, you can count on mice or other pesky creatures finding them. Rather than attracting roaches and their like into your home, do away with the temptations that would bring them there in the first place.

3 – A clean home means a safer home

It is certain that a clean home equates to a safer home. This doesn’t mean that accidents will be 100% evaded. But it does mean you are keeping danger at bay by regularly cleaning places like your counters and bathroom. This is important to your family’s safety. Otherwise, deadly bacteria can cause serious health issues, even death to loved ones.

Additionally, by keeping tabs on a clean and tidy home, you are ensuring that things such as tripping hazards are kept in check.

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4 – Keep stress at bay

Fourth on our list is stress. A stress-free life is a health benefit of cleaning. If you’re sick, you are bound to get stressed because of the setbacks brought about by illness. If you are unable to find anything — important paperwork, a cooking utensil, whatever — you’re bound to find yourself feeling stressed by the aggravation. Especially if you’re in a hurry.

5 – Reduce allergy symptoms

You can count on allergy symptoms being reduced if you’re wiping down your home and keeping an eye on cleanliness. To many people, this is one of the greatest benefits of cleaning. Allergy symptoms make life miserable for many people.

Helping you with those new year resolutions

So now that we’ve established the benefits of cleaning, let’s talk about those new year resolutions for cleaning. We’ve been there before. You make certain resolutions, and a month or two into the new year, you’ve either forgotten or given up on them.

Well, say farewell to failing and forgetting. It’s time to turn a new page.

Try making a good habit in 30 days

Sometimes you need a bit of focus. If you’re taking on too much at one time, you’ll never get anywhere. So try your hand at something like the 30-day habit challenge. Spend the next 30 days focusing on that one cleaning habit you want to keep up with. After 30 days of consistency, tack on a new cleaning goal. In 12 months, you’ll be encouraged to see how far you’ve come!

Make checklists

Another helpful hack to keep with your resolutions is that of making checklists. Make a cleaning checklist and you’ll find that you’re better able to keep on track. Post this checklist on a place that’s readily visible.

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Don’t be afraid to delegate

Here’s one that mom will love! The concept of delegating tasks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by those new year cleaning resolutions, why not delegate certain tasks to family members? It’s up to you to oversee that they get accomplished. But you know how the old saying goes, “many hands make light work!”

Here’s to a happier and healthier new year

Now here’s to a happier and healthier new year. We hope you feel inspired and spurred on to keep a tidier home. As a bonus, keep in mind that the act of cleaning can even help you with your exercise resolutions! According to Shape, running the vacuum for 30 minutes burns an estimated 119 calories, while mopping will take off an additional 153.

We mentioned allergies and the benefit of keeping a clean home. For more on cleaning with allergies in mind, we have some helpful tips here.

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