Whether or not you have a green thumb, you’re sure to find delight and fascination in the following list. We’ve collected some useful plants that will clean and add to the aesthetic of any home. You’ll find that some of these plants are perfect for the household that doesn’t have a natural inclination for botany.

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In reality, you don’t have to be a green thumb guru to partake in the benefits of air purifying plants!

Plants that help you clean — bring the outdoors in this spring!

So let’s look at this collection of plants. Just like styles come in different variations with unique characteristics, so do plants! Frome ivy to aloe vera, you’re sure to find the right plant that serves a dual purpose: style and air purification.

Aloe vera

Our first stop is Aloe vera. Known for its healing properties, Aloe vera also purifies the air. It’s a sun-loving succulent and it’s easy to grow, requiring little in the way of maintenance and water.

We’d like to think of Aloe vera as a plant of second chances. Its hardiness will buy you time to remember to water it. (But hopefully you’ll be on top of your plant care! You don’t want to stress your plant unintentionally!)

The gooey gel in the plant can be used for tending to cuts and burns — a perfect spot for this plant would be on that kitchen windowsill of yours. Don’t you think?

The outer layer of the Aloe vera plant is toxic, so make sure you keep it out of reach from children and pets.

Spider plant

In NASA’s Clean Air Study, the Spider Plant was deemed a winner when it comes to removing formaldehyde from the air. Within 24 hours, the Spider plant removed 95% of the toxin from a sealed glass chamber.

Though the Spider Plant is not longer the leading plant in detoxification, it is still a worthy plant for your style and air purification needs.

Best of all, it’s known for being pet-friendly!  

Rubber plant

Although it’s referred to as a “plant,” the rubber plant classifies as a tree. In their natural environment, they grow up to 80’ tall. The tree is native to Southeast Asia.

Rubber plant flower

Light must be bright but indirect as it could burn the plant. Give it a consistent watering plan according to the time of year and your rubber plant will thrive, providing a nice green arrangement and clean air.

The rubber plant is not a child or pet-friendly plant as it is poisonous.

Peace Lily

Beautiful and easy, the Peace Lily is not only a great addition to your home but it’s also a great gift for the households you know. It’s a low maintenance house plant and it adds a sense of class to any home.

NASA even recommended it for air purification purposes. In a home environment, these tropical evergreens can grow up to 16” tall.

Unfortunately, they are not safe for children or pets. So that’s a downside to this luxurious and easy to maintain plant.

Boston Fern

Another plant with good air cleaning properties, the Boston Fern thrives in a cool space, high humidity and indirect light. The soil must remain damp. To help with the humidity requirements, you may spritz your Boston Fern once or twice a week. Your plant will let you know if you’re not caring for it enough — the leaves will begin to yellow.

The Boston Fern is non-toxic for pets and children.

Garden Mum

A great indoor plant, the Garden Mum does a stellar job at air purification. Bright indirect sunlight is in order for this plant. One of the perks to having a Garden Mum is the expectation of bright pops of color when it flowers — a real treat for any household.

The Garden Mum is not safe for pets and children.  

Moth Orchid

Fuschia, bright purple colored orchids

The Moth Orchid adorns any household setting with its pinks, purples, blushes and delightful white blossoms. Elegant yet easy to care for, the Moth Orchid is a winning addition to your home’s aesthetic and health.

Bright indirect sunlight is a must. A common pitfall in harming the Moth Orchid is that of overwatering. Once the moss or bark the orchid sets in is dry, you may water it thoroughly.

We’re delighted to share that the beautiful Moth Orchid is non-toxic to pets and kids!

Areca Palm

Here’s the last houseplant on our list. We think the Areca Palm is a worthy mention with its air cleaning properties and tropical look.

Its green palms will brighten up any room. They’re not complicated to care for, you just need to stay on topic of watering and ensure they’re in bright indirect sunlight.

Dress up your home, clean up your air

We trust this list will connect you with the right plant that will add to your home’s style while keeping your air clean for your family.

To learn more about cleaner air, check out our article on World Asthma Day.

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