Cork flooring is gaining popularity as a durable, sustainably eco-friendly, and versatile flooring option. It serves as both flooring and insulation, reducing energy bill costs. But as with anything else, it needs love and care to keep it looking new. You’re here because you want to know how to clean a cork floor. Well, we can definitely help you with that. Read on and take heart! Cleaning your cork floors is a breeze. It’s worth saving on the expense and care of hardwood flooring. So hats off to you for choosing cork!

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Sweep away the dirt

The usual sweep or vacuum is good enough for day to day maintenance. Make sure your vacuum has rotating brushes that will softly pick up debris. If you use a broom, make sure you pick out a soft-bristled broom.

It’s important to get that grit and debris picked up. Otherwise, the abrasiveness of dirt can harm your floor’s finish and wear it out faster.

Clean up spills without delay

Too much moisture can take its toll on your nice floors. Even though cork flooring is difficult to get wet, you should still be careful to soak up any spills. You don’t want your cork flooring exposed to water on a regular basis. It helps to have floor mats in areas where water is more likely to fall. For example, you could keep mats underneath your dog’s water bowl and in front of the kitchen sink.


Weekly maintenance

For weekly maintenance, we suggest diluting a mild non-acidic detergent in a bucket of water. Stay away from abrasive cleaners. We can’t stress that enough. Take a soft sponge mop and wipe the cleaner across the floor. But before you do, make sure you’ve wrung out most of the excess water into the bucket.

Your mop should be damp. Not wet. It’s important that you do not saturate your floors with water. This is why it’s prudent you know how to clean a cork floor. If the water seeps into the flooring, you’re going to be left with some damaged boards!  

After you’ve mopped up your floor, take a dry microfiber cloth to the floor. Then you may allow the floor to air dry. This shouldn’t take long if you only used a damp mop.

When it comes to cork flooring, you definitely want to stay away from steam cleaners. The moisture will damage your flooring. If you have tough stains, gently take a fine steel wool pad to your floor.

Wax and buff

If your flooring is natural cork, you would be wise to strip and seal your floors once or twice a year. Wax can provide thick protection from scratches and other harm to your flooring. You ought to strip the wax and reapply every six to twelve months. Wax and buff your floor regularly to keep it in pristine condition.

Polyurethane finish

Some people prefer wax, others prefer polyurethane.

Do you have a polyurethane finish? To keep your floors looking new and clean, we strongly encourage you to replace the protective barrier every five to seven years or as needed. It just depends on how heavily trafficked the floor space is, really. The seal wears out over time, making your floors vulnerable to everyday grit and grime.

You’ll need to sand your floors with 60 grit, and then with 100-grit sandpaper to smooth it out. After that, vacuum up the dust and debris, making sure you get the edges in between boards. Do a good job, you don’t want dirt trapped under the sealant! Now it’s time to apply the polyurethane. Once the first layer is down and dried, sand by hand with 220 grit paper to smooth it out. Do two more layers of polyurethane with ample drying time in between.


After you’ve applied the polyurethane, you should give it a drying time of twenty-four hours before stepping foot on that floor. Even then, tread lightly. Wait five days before adding furniture or area rugs. Your floor needs time for the protective barrier to harden before it can take day-to-day use.

As a side note, we do not recommend wax on a polyurethane finished floor.

Now you know how to clean a cork floor

The important thing to remember is to use as little water as possible. Use gentle cleaning solutions and keep your floors clear of debris. With the right care and understanding of how to clean a cork floor, yours should provide your family with many years of memories.

There you have it. Now you know how it’s done! Ready for some general tips on protecting all floor types?

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