So it looks like your child’s stroller is in need of a little cleaning up. It’s served you well for all those trips to the zoo, jaunts through the neighborhood, and more. But as time went on, sticky fingers and crumbs have taken their toll on the stroller. Not to mention, the dirt and grime from daily use out in that big beautiful world you and your tike have been exploring together.

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So we better take a moment to chat on what is to be done and how to clean a stroller.

How to clean a stroller and remove food stains

We’ll try to give you a general overview on how to clean a stroller, regardless of the make and model. Whether you’re sprucing up a stroller you’ve had for some time or simply cleaning a second-hand store find, this guide will serve you well.

Additionally, you should know that cleaning your stroller outside will probably be the better idea so you can easily hose it down.

Vacuum up those crumbs

First thing you need to do is vacuum up crumbs and any loose debris. This will make your job easier — you don’t want to mix any loose dirt with soapy water if you can avoid it. It’s not that the soap won’t nip it in the bud, but why complicate life with more scrubbing when you can vacuum up debris?

Taking the stroller apart

So now with the vacuuming done, let’s discuss the fabric. Yes, that sticky, grimy stroller fabric. Best get it cleaned up. Even if it looks new from the second-hand shop, you have no clue where it’s been. Better to be safe than sorry — especially since we’re talking about your small child’s health!

Remove the fabric from your stroller

OK, you got those crumb and other loose particles removed. It’s time to remove the fabric from your stroller — if it’s removable. Not sure how to go about that? Not to worry, your stroller’s manual should explain this to you. If you don’t have the manual for your stroller, look it up online.

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Once the fabric is off, toss it in the washing machine with your favorite detergent and stain removal product. (You may have to spot clean the stains afterward — look over the fabric before tossing it into the dryer. The dryer will only set the stain further, making it more stubborn to remove.)

If your stroller’s fabric is not removable…

Now if you find that your fabric is not removable, there is no need to worry. You can still freshen it up and give it a thorough cleaning.

Clean it by hand

Clean your stroller’s fabric by hand. Grab yourself a bucket of warm soapy water. With a rag damp with the soapy water, blot the mixture onto your stroller’s fabric.

If you are not in a hurry to see your stroller dry, then you can hose down the entire fabric.

Spot-cleaning the stained areas

Where needed, take a small toothbrush to scrub at problem areas that are crusted over. Once you’ve broken away the hardened grime, you can take a fresh damp rag with soapy water and go over the area.

If the soap isn’t cutting it, try a mix of baking soda with liquid dish detergent.

Now for the stroller frame

Whether or not you’ve removed the fabric, the stroller frame needs a good cleaning too. Again, with that damp rag, go ahead and clean that frame. Make sure you get the handles and the tray. The tray is likely removable and can be dealt with at the kitchen sink.

Hose it all down.

Cleaning the tires and brakes

Grab yourself a cleaning brush and go at those tires. They’ve surely collected all manner of hair and dirt throughout the many walks and trips you’ve taken with your little one.

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Allow ample time to dry

Before you put that stroller away, you must allow it to dry properly. If you don’t allow enough drying time prior to storage, you could damage your stroller with mold. And it’s not just the damage we’re worried about — mold is a health hazard!

There you go! You know how to clean a stroller!

Properly store your child’s stroller

Now that your stroller is clean and dry, you can stow it away for that next morning jog or visit the park. Your baby will appreciate adventuring in a germ-free and like-new stroller. And you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your baby’s stroller is freshened up. See? Knowing how to clean a stroller will make the process a cinch next time you do it!

For more help on stain removal, try implementing some of the tips in our stain removal series.

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