Did you know, 63% of gym equipment is contaminated with rhinovirus which causes the common cold? And who knows how many people will come in on any given day and track the virus home and to work. If that doesn’t persuade you about the need to keep up with regular gym maintenance, there’s more.

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An observational study suggested that 85% of observed adults washed their hands before leaving a public restroom. While that seems like a positively high number, it’s no comfort when you think of what the 15% may be carrying on the microscopic level. And it’s not thrilling to think of them touching the very same gym mats you or your other gym members may touch.

So as you can see, knowing how to clean gym mats and other workout related surfaces is paramount for your health and safety.

How to clean gym mats

It sure feels good to work up a sweat and exercise those muscles. But you know your gym mat is going to catch much of that sweat. And the sweat combined with any bacteria that’s on your skin which comes in contact with the mat is the perfect match for a mold breeding ground. Don’t wait till you start getting a whiff of that musty smell – that’s the smell of mold.

And if you’re already there, no worries. We’ve got your back.

Machine wash

Oftentimes, your mat will have instructions for washing. Some mats are washing machine safe. Unrolled, try to evenly arrange your mat in the washing machine. Set your machine to gentle or delicate and select warm water. Add some environmentally friendly laundry solution. Baby detergent is a good alternative.

Upon the cycle’s completion, pull your mat out and roll it up with a dry towel. You can step on the rolled mat to get rid of the excess water. After you unroll it, you can hang it up to air dry. For extra cleaning action, go ahead and spray some environmentally safe mold spray.

Wash by hand outside

Alternatively, if you can’t use a washing machine for various reasons, you can wash it outside with a hose and detergent.

Roll it out on a clean hard surface such as concrete. Sponge it clean on both sides, rinse, and roll it up with a towel following the same drying instructions shared above.

Wash by hand indoors

If outdoor cleaning is not an option, you may also fill up a bathtub with warm water and sponge clean the mat like you would do outside. Drain the tub and give your mat a good shake before following drying instructions. Don’t forget to use some anti-mold spray before hanging it up to dry.

Expect optimum drying time to take 48 hours.

It’s that simple. Now you know how to clean those gym mats.


Cleaning a rubber gym floor

In an effort to maintain your rubber flooring, you’ll want to consistently keep an eye out on debris and soil. Vacuuming your rubber flooring is highly recommended. Do it daily if your floor sees lots of traffic.  If you need to scrape anything off, be sure to use something plastic or wooden so as to avoid harming your floor in the process.

Wipe off any moist or oily substances as soon as possible. Use damp a damp rag with a mild cleaning solution. Stay away from acidic cleaners. If you’re in doubt, test out the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before you start cleaning

Damp mopping daily if it’s a public venue, or weekly if it’s a home workout surface is recommended. You may use a mild detergent.

Cleaning a wood gym floor

Wood gym floors are beautiful but need proper maintenance to ensure you don’t need to prematurely have them refinished.

First off, a daily maintenance of sweeping or vacuuming and dry mopping is encouraged. If you vacuum, make sure you don’t have a beater bar on your vacuum that will dent your floor.

Because people are very active on gym floors, we suggest vacuuming every morning too. Dust will collect on the floor overnight and it will have a grit effect on your floors as people walk and rub dirt onto the wood.

Wood flooring and water don’t mix well due to water’s porous nature. If there are any spills, mop them up right away.

Spilled drink and mop

Keep mats at the entranceways to your gym floor. These mats will hopefully pick up most of the debris off of gym users floors.

As far as mopping goes, make sure you use a mop with very damp water and your favorite non-toxic floor cleaner appropriate to the wood surface.

For a deeper clean

For that extra bit of cleaning power to leave your rubber or wood floors pristine and like new, we suggest hiring a professional floor cleaner.

A good commercial cleaning company will make your floors look new in a day. They know how to mitigate water damage while getting at the junk built up into your floor’s surface. With special care, they’ll evade scratching up your floor’s finish. As a matter of fact, they’ll even be able to hide many of those unsightly scratches.

Clean your gym or workout area and keep those germs at bay!

Knowing how to clean gym mats and gym flooring makes for a healthier workout environment for you, your family, or clients. It’s certainly worth the extra effort. If you opt to hire a cleaning company to help with your cleaning needs, here are a few tips on what to look for in your search for the right company.

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