While we’re not huge fans of having carpet in the kitchen, we understand that some households may have a carpeted kitchen for various reasons. And that’s OK — we’re glad to help you too. In today’s article, we hope you’ll find some helpful tips and hacks to deal with the grime that’s bound to befall your carpet in the kitchen environment.

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The nooks and crannies of your carpet fiber provide the perfect traps to hold in the dirt that comes onto your carpet. Compound that with the extra kitchen debris that falls onto any kitchen floor and you have a recipe for a very dirty and stinky carpet in the making.

Maybe your kitchen carpet hasn’t reached a point of unappealing grossness just yet. But even on the microscopic level, it’s developing. Why wait until you can’t stand the poor aesthetic? You need to know how to clean kitchen carpet.

How to clean kitchen carpet

When it comes to how to clean kitchen carpet, you need the right tools on hand. A vacuum is a big must in any carpet owner’s arsenal. Look for a vacuum with good suction and preferably a good filtration system. You don’t want the dust you vacuum up to be released back into the air.

 Additionally, if you can swing it, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner would be a big help if you foresee lots of spills in your kitchen. A wet and dry vacuum can vacuum up moisture without damaging the inside of the vacuum.

Vacuum daily

So if your kitchen is like any other where crumbs and the like hit the floor, we would strongly encourage you to vacuum at the end of each day. Obviously, you should use common sense in this task. If you’re not home much, then you probably don’t need to vacuum daily. But if the kitchen is in use for meals and sees traffic every day, then it’s a good idea to make vacuuming a regular occurrence.

Be a step ahead of spillage

In the likely occurrence that something should be spilled onto your carpet, have a bucket under your kitchen ready to take on the spills that come your way.

 You’ve heard the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure?”

 Well, that rings true in carpet care.

 Get yourself a small bucket and it fill it with clean rags and your favorite carpet cleaning solutions. If a spill happens, all you have to do is reach for the bucket and you’re ready to fly into action.

Colored micro fiber cloths

 The thing about stains is the longer you allow a spill to sit, the more difficult it is to pull up a stain. Fast-acting clean up will mitigate the problem of staining.

Mitigation is key

In the case of cleanup, mitigation is a winning tactic. Just like having a cleaning bucket filled with useful cleaning supplies is handy, there are other things you can do to keep those carpets cared for.

 For example, floor mats are a wonderful idea. You can keep a floor mat at the high-risk areas of your kitchen. Namely, in front of the stove top and kitchen sink.

 Placing a rug underneath the dining table is also another great idea. Accidents happen at the dinner table. People spill wine and food. The carpet is bound to get some good wear and tear at that location. By placing a rug underneath, you’ll lengthen the carpet’s lifespan. A rug is easily replaced, but why replace a carpet when it’s only one area that’s felt the brunt of lots of wear?

Grappling with greasy stains

Knowing how to clean kitchen carpet includes knowing how to remove greasy stains. Removing greasy stains can be as simple as spritzing the offended area with the stain removal cleaner of your choice. There are many options on the market.

 But for those who prefer to take matters entirely into their own hands, there are a few DIY options you can take.

Shaving cream and razor

 There are many ways to tackle a greasy stain. Shaving cream is one of them. Spritz some shaving cream on the area and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that, you can take a damp rag and pick up the cream. Go over the area again with a clean damp rag in a blotting motion.

Professional floors call for a professional cleanup

Knowing how to clean kitchen carpet is a good skill to have under your belt. The kitchen can easily wreak havoc on carpet if you’re not prepared to deal with the grime.

If you’re a restaurant owner, then your kitchen floors definitely see a lot of wear. Since hygiene is so important, it may be time to call in the professionals. Here’s what you can expect from a restaurant cleaning.

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