Here at Enviro-Dry, we’re big fans of the often-overlooked and taken-for-granted rubber floor mat. Rubber floor mats are useful for a variety of reasons including but not limited to floor protection, anti-slip safety, protection against fatigue, and barrier material under heavy equipment. They’re also a great asset to pick up any debris that you may bring into your home or vehicle.

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In this article, we’re going to explain how to clean rubber floor mats. As with anything else, these mats need a little maintenance too, especially with all the traffic and beatings they may take on a regular basis.

How to clean rubber floor mats

We’ll take a look at how to clean rubber floor mats, according to the different kinds you may have in your home or business.

Cleaning entrance mats

Because rubber mats are so handy and durable, they are created for a variety of uses including indoor and outdoor use. Indoor and outdoor walk-off mats on both sides of your entrances are useful for picking up dirt as clients or friends enter your building.

Consistently vacuuming or sweeping your rubber entrance mats is highly recommended. If your floors are seeing heavy traffic, you may need to do this once a day or even twice a day. You don’t want the dirt to get picked up off the mat and tracked on to the rest of your building’s floor space. Over time, the dirt can have an abrasive effect on your mats if left unattended. Yes, rubber mats are durable, but there’s no need to push the limits. Do your part, and your rubber mats will have a long life of protecting your floors.

After vacuuming, you may mop your rubber mats with an environmentally friendly and rubber safe cleaning solution. Let your mat air dry.

How to clean anti-fatigue mats

Your feet are constantly on the job holding you up as you work in the kitchen or at the woodworking counter. An anti-fatigue mat provides your feet with subtle cushioning. This cushioning requires your muscles to move subtly in reaction to the flexibility of the mat’s surface. This reduces pain that might arise from your muscles remaining static for long periods of time.

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To keep your anti-fatigue mat clean, you’ll want to remove debris with a broom or vacuum. Once you clean the area, a damp mop with your favorite environmentally friendly cleaner should do the trick. If you like, you could use your favorite mild detergent with some baking soda for extra cleaning power.

In the case you may be tempted to try other cleaning methods, take care that you do not attempt to machine wash your anti-fatigue mat. Stay away from steam cleaners and degreasers. Abrasive tools such as heavy brushes are a big no for scrubbing your mat.

How to clean vehicle rubber mats

Constantly taking the brunt of dirt and germs from your shoes, a car’s rubber matting works overtime to keep the nasty stuff off of your vehicle’s carpeting. This mitigates wear and tear on your carpet. They may be sturdier than carpet, but they need love and care too.

First, pull the rubber mats out of your car and lay them out on the concrete. With a high-pressure hose, rinse them down and begin scrubbing with a mild cleaning solution. Ideally, you’ll have a stiff bristle brush to work at the grime and build up on your mats. Car mats often have lots of grooves and ridges, so you may need to work a little extra harder for a clean mat.

Next, hose down the mat to blast away the loosened up grime. Let your mats dry in a shady spot after you’ve mopped up most of the moisture with a microfiber towel.

The drying step is highly critical so as to not encourage the growth of mold and rust in your car. Wet mats are a bad idea in your car

Cars are not exempt from germs and bacteria. You’ll be glad you took the time to clean out those mats!

How to clean rubber gym mats

Did you know over 70% of bacteria found at the gym is potentially harmful to humans?

Let’s face it. Rubber gym mats see their fair share of bacteria from being trodden under foot, sweat, and coming into contact with skin.

Keeping up with regular gym mat maintenance is not only smart but paramount to good health for you and others who frequent your home or gym.

Gym mats

Once again, it’s time to put that vacuum to work. Leaving debris and grit unattended on your rubber mats or flooring can beat up the rubber material. So vacuum daily if you’re getting a lot of traffic there.

If it’s a public gym you’re dealing with, we suggest damp mopping daily (or several times a day).

If there’s a spill, don’t dilly dally in soaking it up. Left unattended, it could soak into your flooring material and make any staining harder to tackle.

Clean rubber mats will last longer and keep you healthier!

Now you know how to clean rubber floor mats, thereby increasing their longevity for your home or business. They can provide you with many years of floor protection and health benefits if you do your part to keep them clean. Got puzzle mats? We have some cleaning tips for that too!


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