We believe it’s important to take some time out to recognize those who go above and beyond to serve. That’s why we’re taking time out of our regular posts to put the spotlight on our stellar staff.

At Enviro-Dry, we believe cleaning is more than having top-notch technology and solutions — it’s about having a top-notch staff too!

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Without our hardworking staff, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do in a timely and effective fashion.

What makes the Enviro-Dry staff great

Undoubtedly, dedicated staff members are a key ingredient to a successful business. We want our staff to care about cleaning your home or business just as much as you do (if not more!)

We make it our aim to provide healthy, clean environments for those we serve. To do less than that is to not do our job. Such an environment is better for everyone — pets, family, employees, clients, and visitors. All can benefit from a better world — regardless of their life background.

So with that aside, we’d like to break down seven mindsets that describe our employees. With that, you’ll see why we succeed at what we do.

1 – Honesty

First on our list is honesty. Honesty is the best policy and we take that seriously at Enviro-Dry. Our staff is caring, to be honest in their assessments regarding your carpet. If we think your carpet is better off replacing, we will tell you. You can be assured of that.

2 – Trustworthiness

Additionally, you may rely on us to treat your property the way we’d want ours to be treated. We love that our staff is trustworthy. We don’t live in fear of their inability to behave appropriately and respectfully toward you and your home or office.

3 – Communicative

Another thing you should know about our staff is that communication skills are not lacking. Our staff is keen on listening to the needs and concerns of our clients. Concerned about a particular area of your carpet or floor?

Our staff is not going to think your questions are “stupid” or of no consequence. They’ll be more than willing to explain the needs of your flooring and the procedures to make things right.

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4 – Dedicated

Our staff is dedicated to meeting the cleaning needs of our customers. Enviro-Dry cleaning technicians go above and beyond the call of duty. They understand that the people behind the homes and businesses they serve are real people with real needs.

5 – Knowledgeable

The dedication of the Enviro-Dry staff drives them to be knowledgeable in their line of work. Our employees don’t just clean. They’re cleaning technicians — they’ve gone through the training and know the ins and outs of cleaning and stain removal. There are no guessing games with our techs.

They’re certified to tackle the most stubborn of stains and deal with mold remediation and other home clean up issues. At Enviro-Dry, cleaning technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

6 – Courteous

In addition to knowing their stuff, the Enviro-Dry staff is courteous to clients. They’ll treat you with respect. This should be a given for any business, right? Unfortunately, not every business has a staff that operates that way. That’s why we can take pride in our staff’s courteous attitude.

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We’re proud of our staff — in spite of the stress and work on their plate, they remain committed to a quality experience for the client all the way around.

7 – Troubleshooters

Another reason to brag about our staff is their ability to troubleshoot. If a stain doesn’t come out, you can bet it’s because they did try everything. Our staff is keen on solving your cleaning problems. They draw from an expert knowledge base and quality equipment and solutions.

They accept the cleaning challenges set before them. And they tackle them headlong. Their best effort is put forth in ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

To a troubleshooting cleaning technician, no job’s deemed too hard.

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At the end of the day, it would be silly to say that Enviro-Dry is what it is by sheer existence. We’re more than a business entity that provides quality cleaning services. We’re made up of a whole crew of quality people.

Without quality employees, there is no quality service. We couldn’t be there for our clients without the hard work and positive ethic of our staff members!

So we talked about our staff and what we love about them. Here’s what we love about our customers!

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