A nursing home is more than just a medical institution with round the clock professional care. It’s a home to its residents who’ve predominantly reached their twilight years. As with any other medical institution that serves the needs of people on a personal level, it’s imperative that you keep on top of cleanliness.

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Germs can quickly spread and wreak havoc on your patients if not dealt with. It’s part of your job to show empathy and provide a clean environment to patients and residents in a nursing home. They’re there because they need help. And it’s up to you to ensure they get the help they need — including the provision of a clean environment.

When it comes to the little sickness-causing nastiness, carpet can easily turn into a haven of sorts for the accumulation of germs. If not dealt with appropriately, this could snowball into a fatal situation for your residents.

Carpet and its relationship to germs

Dr. Philip Tierno is a microbiologist and immunologist. As indicated by his findings in the book, “The Secret Life of Germs,” there are likely 200,000 bacteria per square inch of your carpet.

Dirt and grime can easily be trapped in the nooks and crannies of your carpet fiber. Unfortunately, a simple pass of the vacuum cleaner isn’t going to cut through the different types of dirt and germs that lurk in your nursing home’s carpet.

Consequently, you need something that will reach down deep, breaking through the oily residues that trap the dirt in your carpet.

You need a professional carpet cleaning service to visit your nursing home. But what does that look like? What can you expect when a professional cleaner comes to your nursing home?

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What professional carpet cleaning looks like in a nursing home

So let’s look at what professional carpet cleaning looks like in a nursing home. It’s good to know the purpose and extent of professional carpet cleaning and how it will affect your day to day operations.

Cleanliness is a necessity for your patient and staff’s safety and mental well-being. A professional carpet cleaning company already has the appropriate gear to dig down deep into your carpet. They’re equipped to cut through the grime and remove it.

Going further, they’ll fight the grime, odors, and germs on a microscopic level. Their machines and cleaning solutions are made to do just that, getting the job done. With the right tools, they’ll make the facility a safer place for your patients.

For the best carpet cleaning companies, communication is key. In fact, you want them to discuss logistics with you before bringing their gear on site. The reason for doing this is two-fold — to have a plan to work around your patients and staff and to provide you with an estimate on time and assess the needs of your facility’s carpet.

How often should a professional carpet cleaning company come to my facility?

Allergens, dust, and germs can quickly become trapped and then accumulate in your carpet. It’s smart to get a professional carpet cleaning company to come in often. At a minimum, get your carpet cleaned every six months. Definitely more often if it’s visibly grimy. Some facilities need a monthly visit from a professional carpet cleaning company. It depends on the traffic and needs of your facility.

It’s an investment for your patients

Professional carpet cleaning in a nursing home is an investment that’s for the good of all connected to your facility — patients, staff, and visitors.

So why not look up your options for professional carpet cleaners? Call a few places and see about quotes and references. Your nursing home residents count on you to care for their needs, including a cleanly environment.

As an additional thought, look for a company that chooses environmental friendly practices. It’s safer to use cleaning practices that aren’t infused with unhealthy chemicals that could bring about side effects.

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Tips for the office

For those days where you need to handle clean up with your staff, we have some carpet cleaning tips that will help you stay on top of a clean carpet in between cleanings. By doing your part, you can keep things tidy and cleanly for your patients emotional and physical well-being.

Simple things like regularly vacuuming the carpet and being quick to clean up spills will go far. And guess what? Your patients will be grateful for your special attentiveness to their needs. The nursing home isn’t just around the clock healthcare — it’s their home.

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