Ah, the age-old question. Restorative carpet cleaning – to DIY or not to DIY? OK, so maybe it’s not the age-old question. But it is your question. Here. Today. On this blog.

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It’s understandable that many of us like the do-it-yourself approach to life’s tasks. It means less money leaving your wallet. And some of us just love the challenge of tackling a task and feeling satisfied afterward.

But when it comes to restorative carpet cleaning, should you go for the DIY way? If you’re not sure what we mean by restorative carpet cleaning, be sure to take a look at this article first.

And remember, whatever you conclude after reading this article, you’re on the right track. You care enough about your carpet, home and family to ask the question. We certainly want to see you exercise good stewardship, so kudos to you!

Restorative carpet cleaning: to DIY or not to DIY?

It’s your home and your carpet. We’re going to supply you with some food for thought on this issue. You may look at your carpet and believe it’s something you can tackle on your own. That’s fine. You may read on and find that the idea of bringing on a restorative carpet cleaning team is appealing. That’s fine too.

The important thing is that either way, you’re going to be going the extra mile to care for that carpet.

Make your bank account happy

Some folks may wish to take the DIY approach for the sake of saving money. But you’ll quickly find that the savings are not all they’re cracked up to be. It’s evident in the following points on the DIY approach vs the call-in-the-professionals approach.

Besides, have you looked into the cost of restorative carpet cleaning? The average cost spent by homeowners is only $176. Of course, this is contingent on various factors — such as the type of carpet and the repairs involved.

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You also need to consider how often you’ll be doing this. Not often at all. And after the repairs are done, it will cost less if you decide you like the idea of having them come in every six or twelve months to deep clean your carpet.

Additionally, consider the long-term savings. By bringing these guys in, you can save yourself time and the expense of a complete carpet replacement. They can quickly and efficiently bring your carpet from drab to fresh.

Time is not a commodity

While it’s appealing to save yourself some money, you have to ask yourself how valuable your time is in all this? What may take you x amount of man hours would take a professional only a fraction of that time. The time that could be spent in bringing income or spending time with your family.

We’re not saying the savings won’t be worth it. But again, harkening back to the previous section, you may find that the cost of restorative carpet cleaning is within reason.

No guessing games

By leaving it in the hands of a seasoned and certified professional, you don’t have to play experimental scientist with your carpet. Things can quickly spiral out of control and beyond your abilities if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

And a haphazard restorative measure can look dilapidated and uglier than its former status.

By calling in the professional, you’re counting on the expert training they went through to achieve certification. You’re also counting on their experience. Don’t just go for the first listing in your phone directory or search engine results. Ask them about the work they’ve done. Ask about customer testimonials and before and after pictures.

Do you have the right tools?

Here’s another consideration. Do you have the right tools? It’s not just about technique. It’s about having the right tools. The professional restorative carpet cleaning service is going to have high-end machinery, tools and cleaning solutions to tackle a variety of rips, wrinkle, stains and more.

They know about the various carpet fiber out there. They know how different solutions are required to tackle different types of stains. They know how to analyze all the factors at stake and in play.

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What’s best for your carpet?

Restorative carpet cleaning is an investment that will pay off in the long run. If you’re still undecided, we’d suggest you call up a few restorative carpet cleaning businesses. Ask for quotes and a background on how they might approach your carpet.

Looking to find the best service? We have some tips you’ll find helpful as you sift through the many advertisements out there. There are key characteristics to look for as you ask questions. Don’t be shy about it — you deserve the best experience and cleaning for your home and money.

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