With winter’s cold breath comes the warmth of the holiday season. Friends and family traveling from afar and the smell of spices lingering in the air contribute to the excitement.

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As you know, with all the thrills, it can be easy to let your goal of a shiny house fall off the radar. In this article, our aim is to remind of you those often forgotten places that require some attention as the holidays settle into full gear.

So onward we go with a few winter cleaning tips!

Winter cleaning tips that will make your home merry & bright

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find winter cleaning tips that encompass many of the overlooked places and areas of the average home. No matter how clean you may think yourself, it’s good to revisit these places that accumulate clutter, dust, and grime.

1 – Clean the air conditioning vents

On our list of winter cleaning tips, we first come to the air conditioning vents. These vents are found all around the house —- in bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen to name a few places. The covers on these events — often referred to as grilles or registers — are harbors to dust bunnies and their offspring.

Go ahead. Inspect your air conditioning vents and you’ll see what we mean (unless you’re one of the few who keeps a hawk eye on keeping that clean.) Most of us overlook such places.

It’s smart to wipe the covers down as that layer of dust can pose a threat to human health.

2 – Let those light fixtures shine

Second, on our list of winter cleaning tips, you’ll find those too-far-to-reach light fixtures. You don’t notice them because they’re far above you. Grab yourself a step ladder and go in for a closer look. Notice that layer of dust collecting and growing?

Yes, it’s high time those fixtures were wiped down clean.

3 – Deep clean the oven

Trays of gingerbread cookies in an oven

As you know, the holidays are fast approaching. Why not get that oven looking squeaky clean again? Before the company arrives, you’ll be glad you did! After all, no one wants to see food coming out of a grimy and dirty oven with old food baked onto the bottom.

In a flash, you can have that oven appearing good as new. Even if your oven has never been deep-cleaned before, the time to start is today! It’s never too late to start cleaning.

4 – Wipe down the trim and baseboard

It’s those places we see and walk by every day that are oft-neglected. Your home’s trim and baseboard are not exempt. If you bend down for a closer look, you’ll find that the baseboard, especially, is a victim of cleaning neglect.

Now don’t get yourself down. It’s OK — we get it, you’ve been busy with life. But now’s the time to reach for that damp rag and wipe down these overlooked places.

5 – Chase away the leaves and cobwebs from your entranceway

While dead leaves and debris scatter your entranceway, you don’t have to accept that sort of disheveled look. Your entranceway is your guest’s first impression of your home. Why not spruce it up a bit?

Whip out that leaf blower and broom and chase away the dirt, leaves, and cobwebs crowding your entrance. After that is done, you would do well to take a damp, warm rag with soap and wipe down the door and railing.

Following your deep cleaning touch, give your entranceway a little holiday cheer by hanging a wreath on the door and adding a fun doormat.

6 – Remove stains from your carpet

Now, how about those carpet stains that appear to have taken permanent residence? Give them the attention your carpet deserves. With a little effort, you may find those carpet stains can be a thing of the past!

7 – Tidy up the mudroom, get rid of the clutter

Clutter in living room

A mudroom can easily become a home to clutter and grime. Make a quick run through of everything in the mudroom. Have two boxes handy as you declutter. One box for hauling things to a second-hand store, the other for removing the items from the mudroom and placing them elsewhere.

During your de-cluttering spree, you may find things that belong in the garage or other parts of the house.

Now you can bring out the merry aesthetic

As you take these winter cleaning tips to heart, don’t forget to stop and smell the peppermint. Cleaning is just an important part of the journey, but it’s not the journey. Enjoy your time surrounded by friends and family as you face the holidays with a cleaner, merrier, and brighter home!

By the same token, don’t let the holiday excitement catch you off guard. Implement these tips before the guests arrive and you’ll be well on your way to maintaining a cheerful and clean environment.

With the holidays in full swing, have you considered ways that you might spread the cheer with your neighbors?


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